Audition and Monologue Coaching:
I am available for private monologue and audition coaching in the New York City area. Whether it’s getting a new monologue up to speed, brushing up audition pieces, preparing for graduate school auditions, or prepping pages of sides under a time crunch, I can get you more grounded and specific, thus freeing you up to do your best work in the audition room. Shakespeare is a specialty for me, as I have an extensive classical background as an actor, director, and teacher.

How I Work:
I take an individual approach to each actor, looking for techniques and strategies that will be most effective for them. My coaching focuses primarily on three elements, which I believe are the foundation for strong acting and confident auditions:

Intention – I work with the actor to discover a character’s wants and decide on concrete, playable actions for each moment in pursuit of those objectives.
Physicality – I guide the actor toward creating a dynamic physicality in their audition that replaces unspecific or habitual movement, reflects the actions their character is playing, and gives them a clear physical line to follow through the scene or monologue.
Language – I explore the text with the actor to determine how the character is using language to get what they want. With Shakespeare and other heightened language pieces, I also share techniques on how analyzing verse structure, as well as rhetorical and poetic devices, provides clues that help actors unlock their performance.

Coaching sessions can take place at any rehearsal studio in midtown Manhattan, scheduled and booked by the actor. Alternately, sessions can take place at my space in Washington Heights, Manhattan.


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