Directing "The Consequence of Impression" reading on Dec. 4th

I'm excited to be directing a staged reading of DS Magid's "The Consequence of Impression" at Teatro Paraguas in Santa Fe, NM. Sunday, December 4th at 5pm. Free Admission! Cast: Mary Beth Lindsey, Patrick MacDonald, Lucinda Marker, and Mairi Chanel.

Between 1868 and 1874, Édouard Manet paints and draws Berthe Morisot hundreds of times. Then Berthe marries Édouard's brother.
The Consequence of Impression is an allegory for the modern woman’s dilemma – how to have it all, or if that’s even possible. Manet's portraits reveal Morisot's passion and lively intelligence, inspiring a century of speculation by art lovers and critics alike about the true nature of their relationship. In swift, Impressionist brushstrokes from a palette of historical correspondence, journals, and artworks, The Consequence of Impression illuminates an artist’s coming-of-age.